Cyberspace Cavern – Episode 6 – April 15 2020 – CSCP006

David gives his latest think tank report from his bunker on Iron Street. In a surprising move, David also tries to make up with President Xi in a surprising and ultimately hopeless gesture. He also provides the Chinese coaching on bio-containment protocols and best practices.

Cyberspace Cavern – Episode 5 – March 26 2020 – CSCP005

David returns to the mic after a long break, broadcasting from his bunker while under government lockdown.

The feud between President Xi and David heats up this episode as David blames him for the Pandemic. David also covers a few of his news stories on the website, including lousy cyber security in security cameras, ransomware attacks on healthcare during the pandemic and healthcare industry risks from underfunded IT security.

Cyberspace Cavern – Episode 4 – February 5 2020 – CSCP004

In this week’s cyberspace spelunking adventure, David provides an overview of the issues and concerns today with data privacy. David answers the following:

  • What is data privacy and why should I care?
  • Why is data privacy more important than it used to be?
  • What is the role of government in protecting your privacy?
  • How do software companies make money with “free” apps you can download on your cellphone?
  • What is “femtech” and “menstrual surveillance”
  • Can my boss know more intimate details about my body than my partner?

David covers all of this and more, and pisses off the Peoples Republic of China along the way as a bonus!

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Cyberspace Cavern – Episode 2 – Jan 14 2020 – CSPC002

In our second episode we give an introduction of hacking for non-hackers. We talk about hacking and ethical hacking, counterculture, nerd history, cowboy hats, history of hacking and advanced persistent threats.

Cyberspace Cavern Episode 1 – Jan 9, 2020 – CSCP001

Our first podcast! David introduces the show, then talks about himself, cyberspace, the big bang, Black Hat, and favorite hacker movies.

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